One Arc Degree
Under A Trillion Suns
One Arc Degree

Vasilis Kesalidis (aka Spinnet) and Ioannis Konstantios formed One Arc Degree in 2011.

The project is based on work-time asymmetry as Ioannis lives in Athens while Vasilis moved from Thessaloniki to Kalymnos island a few years back. The cloud based technologies and modern social media enable them to work on each project on their own free time, expanding each other’s ideas seamlessly. In most of their works you will find the ethereal soprano voice of Georgia Irakli. Either as a spectre behind the curtains or as a dramatic central presence, her voice never fails to heighten the senses.

One Arc Degree is a music project about feelings and memories. Its purpose is to explore the multitude of ways to express these feelings through music, restoring those memories while assimilating the passage of time.

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