Alexander Daf
Alexander Daf

Alexander “Daf” Ivanov is a talented musician from Saint Petersburg. His music imaginations are infinite ambient landscapes seasoned by the most complicated IDM and downtempo-rhythms. Intelligent soft sound-moods of Alexander Daf, beautiful backgrounds and warm atmospheres are included in each track got charted in the independent charts and played by many various IDM DJs.

Now Alexander Daf is a participant of promo-group Sun Station Records and a label manager of Microcosmos Records. He has released a couple of EPs on well-known European labels. His debut full length album “A Thousands Reasons to Be” was released by major american label System Recordings at the end of 2008. This album was highly acclaimed and entered Beatport’s Chillout Top 100. Now Alexander regularly performs in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and participates in various festivals.

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