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Various Artists - Peace + Love (artwork)

Microcosmos Records proudly presents the “Peace + Love” – a dub and chillout vibes compilation.

This live release is a collaboration of Russian music producers and bands who performed at the “Peace + Love” chillout and dub music festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It contains eight exciting tracks from a diverse range of genres, including dub music, dub techno, and glitch hop.

Get lost in the music with us and enjoy the vibes of peace and love!

Mastering: Manifold Studio

Cover art: KyZya

Translippers: Arthur Mustafin (author & performer)

Maiia: Alla Vagner (author & performer)

Astronaut Ape: Oleg Belousov (author & performer)

Kayatma: Konstantin Kayatma (author), Konstantin Kayatma (performer), Vadim Fox (performer)

Electro Dub Company: Pavel Miheev (sound engineering, dub mixing), Sergey Bogdanov (guitar, effects, samples), Alexander Bublik (bass), Vladimir Nestryzhenko (drums, samples)

Red: Radik Gimadeev (author & performer)

Mindex: Slava Mindex (author & performer)

Teplo: Radik Gimadeev (author & performer)

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