Various Artists - Microcosmos Chill-out Vol.3 (artwork)

Microcosmos gives you the third part of its popular Chill-out series.

This chapter is a collection of unreleased gems from label’s residents, newcomers and honored guests.

Driving and emotional, this is not what you can expect from an ordinary chill-out compilation. The music is full of sounds and layered complex structures but easy to listen and dive into.

Mindfulness and inspiration are the aims of this musical journey.

Join this meditation to relax your body and heal your soul!

Written & produced: Arthur Matarin (1), Alberto Vazquez (2), Sergey Akimov (3), Maxim Tsibizov (4), Oleg Belousov and Anton Stepanov (5), Desislav Georgiev (6), Veniamin Vigovskiy (7), Mikhail Glukhov (8)

Cover: Akira

Mastering: Manifold Studio

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