Tarac & Alexander Daf
Eastern Voices
Tarac & Friends - When The Clouds Disperse (artwork)

Microcosmos Records presents “When The Clouds Disperse”, a unique international project and a joint album from label artists Tarac (Gabriel Strecker, Germany), Avilente (Faheemul Hasan, India) and Alexander Daf (Alexander Ivanov, Russia).

The artists produced this long play in 3 different cities: Köln, Bangalore and Saint Petersburg. Each track was made by a collaboration of two artists, and the whole album is a wonderful symbiosis of styles, techniques and moods by these contemporary musicians.

The album consists of deep and emotionally warm chill-out music with atmospheric sounds to relax and softly float you towards the shining sun in a clear sky – things you can see when the clouds disperse...

Mastering: Overdream Studio

Original cover art: Faheemul Hasan

Cover design: Oleg Belousov

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