Astronaut Ape
Astronaut Ape - Unknown Sector (artwork)

Space. The dark, cold and empty void between the stars. Despite the space exploration, we still know little about it. What are quasars? How to travel to another galaxy? Why is the universe expanding? Are there any other civilizations? Are we alone in the space? We don't have the answers yet. But one day humanty will explore the unknown sector of space!

Warm cosmic melodies, radio signals, computer noises, and slow pulsating rhythms - they teleport us right into the spaceship. Robots are performing routine tasks, crew members are on their stations, all systems are ready to a hyperspace jump. You are that lonely spaceman who is looking through the porthole. Deep bass patterns, relaxing echoes and sci-fi sounds lift your emotions to the higher level. This music is inspirational and relaxing at the same time. Wonder what's next?

Experience the great music journey through space and time! Welcome to the "Unknown Sector"...

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