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Astronaut Ape - The Mirror (artwork)

Astronaut Ape (Oleg Belousov), a sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and a new Microcosmos Records artist, presents his debut album called “The Mirror”.

Oleg started producing progressive, psychedelic and goa trance in 2005. Then he switched to ambient music and entirely devoted himself to this genre.

“The Mirror” is a classic ambient / psychill record. It consists of 8 really cosmic tracks which are definitely a great gift for all the fans of psychedelic ambient music.

Mastering: Syncmasters Studio

Cover: Akira

Publishing: Hive Mind Media

“Special thanks to Dmitriy and Nikita for returning me to myself. Without your support, it would be impossible to create this album.“

Oleg Belousov

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