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Discover and share music. Honor listeners and artists.

@Listener, We help you find new music you will love.

@Artist, We help you expand your fan base, and get paid fairly.

What can I do here?

Just tune in to a channel you like, listen to music, and enjoy. It is free and we don't cater ads, nor do we offer any kind of paid subscription.

You can favorite songs, listen to audio streams, albums, music of a particular artist or a record label.

I love this music, now what?

If you like some song very much, we may remind you sometimes to extend your appreciation of the music through your contribution to the artist. We are trying to be reasonable and not bug you too often.

When you decide the music is worth paying for, we will transfer most part of your donation directly to the artist or the record label without help of any royalty collecting institution. This way you make sure that your favorite artists actually receive what they deserve.

Is this legal?

Yes. All the music you find here is permitted for streaming by the rights owners (artists or record labels) with whom we deal directly.

I can't download mp3 files! :(

There is no mp3 downloads currently supported. However, if you do think you would love to have those, please shoot us an email, and if we see that the demand is big enough, we may consider introducing such a thing.

In the meantime, we encourage you to approach the artist pages on Bandcamp, Jamendo and all the other online resources that support music freedom, independent artists, and help the art and creativity thrive.

I love (hate) this!

Any feedback, suggestions, advice, mocking, and hatred are welcome at contact@tuneself.com.

If you consider supporting us, feel free to donate whatever you feel reasonable to paypal@tuneself.com via PayPal. If you mention an artist or a label you have discovered on our plaform, most part of your donation will be transferred to them.

How does this work?

We stream your music for free with your direct permissions to do that without paying royalties. If the listener likes your music and plays it regularly, we ask them to thank you and contribute whatever they think is right.

If they do, we transfer you 90% of the payments after the possible fees that the payment system may take (currently we use PayPal). We don't deal with royalty collecting societies but only with you directly.

We don't let people download audio files unless you give us explicit permissions for that, or your music is released under a license that permits digital distribution (e.g., Creative Commons).

Why would I participate?

The music industry has changed a lot over the last two decades. And the paradigm shift has not completed yet.

Whether you like it or not, if people don't want to pay for your music, they will go online, find and download it for free. This is the reality of the contemporary world, and it is not ever going to change now. You can shut down one online resource that provides music illegally, but tomorrow twenty new ones will appear there. You can continue fighting it, but the only thing you are going to achieve is to waste your time completely. We beg you to stop being delusional!

We believe in goodness of people. Bandcamp, Kickstarter, Patreon, and other projects helping connect artists with their fans successfully proved over last years that people who appreciate your art are actually willing to support your creativity. They just don't want to be forced to do that (as no one does). Therefore, we simply give them the opportunity to decide what they really love much enough to pay for it.

The other aspect is the broken mechanisms that drive the music society these days, and which mainly help thrive only the major players in the industry. The independent community is getting stronger every day, and deserves getting their own piece of the pie (if not swallow the whole thing eventually). We believe that royalties and collecting them on behalf of artists are a wrong way to move forward in the digital age. As an independent artist or a record label, you deserve to find and expand your audience, get paid directly, and receive most part of the profit that your fans are willing to give.

How can I participate?

Just send us a message at music@tuneself.com. We don't ask you to sign any contracts. There are no exclusive sort of deals either. You keep all the rights to your music, you are free to distribute it throught any other means you wish, and at any time you can reconsider and stop participating in our project.

The only thing we need from you is your direct permissions to play your music without paying royalties (and tell us how we could get your music).

I still have questions...

We will be happy to cover all your concerns and answer your quesions if you send us an email at music@tuneself.com.

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