Alina Yudaeva
Скорпионы наблюдают за покосом озимых, производимым оленеводами Заполярья осенью 2010 года (фантастическая уноквазия для фортепиано, гитары и бытовых предметов)
Alina Yudaeva - Kigrokyeko (artwork)

"Kigrokyeko" is an ancient Estonian spell to banish evil spirits. One of the possible (and censored) translations could be 'Get the hell outta here'. Alina got this word from her friend with Estonian roots, though, he can't recall it himself now as he was telling this legend in a New Year' Eve, being possessed by those very spirits who yet disappeared under the spell by the morning.

The album is recommended for listening to maintain and improve your physical and mental health. It helps control the presense of evil spirits around you.

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